19th International Symposium POWER ELECTRONICS Ee2017


October 19th - 21th, 2017



  Power Electronics Society, Novi Sad

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Topic chair

Prof. Drazen Dujic

Assistant Professor Power Electronics Laboratory (PEL)

Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Lausanne, Switzerland

  • 1. Power Converters and devices

    • New technologies and components

    • Integrated devices and modules

    • Drivers

    • Development, realization and application of rectifiers, inverters, choppers and other converters

    • Converters for DC and AC power supplies (DC/DC, UPS...), maintenance of accu-batteries etc

    • Converters for compensation of reactive power, machine excitation etc.

    • Analysis, modeling and simulation of converters

    • Converters in development

    Topic chair

    Prof. Vanja Ambrozic

    University of Ljubljana

    Faculty of Electrical Engineering

    Laboratory of Control Engineering and Power Electronics

    Ljubljana,  Slovenia


  • 2. Automotive and Industrial Electrical drives
    • Development and realization of electrical drives

    • Drives for electrical vehicles and traction

    • Multi-motor drives

    • Analysis, modeling and simulation of drives

    • Drives in development 

    • Industrial drives applications

    Topic chair

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mario Pacas

    Universität Siegen

    Faculty 12 - Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

    Siegen, Germany

  • 3. Electrical machines

    • Construction
    • Analysis, modeling and simulation

    • Protection, supervision and diagnostics

    • Testing, exploitation and repair

    • Special electrical machines


    Topic chair

    Prof. Bojoi Iustin Radu

    Politecnico di Torino,
    Torino, Italy

    4. Control and measurement

    • Control of converters and systems

    • Digital control in power electronics
    • Electronic measurement systems
    • Measurement methods and transducers
    • Control of industrial processes
    • Computer application (CAD, CAM… .)
    • Communication systems, supervision and diagnostics 
    • Modeling and simulation of industrial processes, estimation and identification
    • Techniques of control in development


    Topic chair

    Prof. Predrag Pejovic

    University of Belgrade
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering
    Belgrade, Serbia

  • 5. Power electronics in Telecommunications

    • Communications power supplies

    • Electromagnetic compatibility, EMI, ecology
    • Systems for energy accumulation (batteries, flywheel etc)
    • Reserve power supplies


    Topic chair

    Prof. Pavol Bauer

    Delft University of Technology
    Faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and
    Computer Science
    Delft, Netherlands

  • 6. Power quality
    • Power electronic converters and power quality
    • Harmonic compensation and power factor improvement
    • EMC
    • Analysis, modeling and simulation


    Topic chair

    Prof. Mario Javier Duran Martinez

    University of Malaga
    Malaga, Spain

  • 7. Renewable & distributed energy sources
    • Power electronics application in RES

    • Power electronics devices in wind and solar plants

    • Power electronics in hybrid RES

    • Energy storage

    • Application of PE in small hydros and other RES

    • Role of PE in Micro grids and distributed energy sources