19th International Symposium POWER ELECTRONICS Ee2017


October 19th - 21th, 2017



  Power Electronics Society, Novi Sad

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Conference Venue


Symposium will be held in Novi Sad, on 19th to 21th October, 2017, in the Central Building of the University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia.

Central Building of the
University of Novi Sad



General Information



Photos: Tourist Organisation of the City of Novi Sad



   Climate is temperate continental and continental.

   Average temperature is 10,9ºC a year.
   Average precipitation is 578 mm/m² a year.



   According to the official census held in 2011, the city´s population is 335.701 inhabitants.


   Electrical current

   220 V, 50 Hz


   Time zone

   GMT +1


   Area code

   To Serbia +381
   To Novi Sad (0) 21
   International code 00



   Dinar RSD, 1 dinar= 100 para



  GSP public

  One ticket price is 55 RSD



  Start 70 RSD

  City drive 52 RSD/km

  Out of city drive 66 RSD/km

  Pet transport 200 RSD

  Waiting 435 RSD/hour


   Health facilities

   Duty services are working nonstop.
   Pharmacies are open from 8.00 to 20.00, but there are some night duty pharmacies.


   Post offices and banks

   ATMs are at numerous important places throughout the city.

   Foreign currencies can be exchanged in banks and exchange in banks and exchange offices.


  Important phone numers

  Police 192

  Fire brigade 193

  Ambulance 194

  Roadside assistance (AMSS) 1987

  Hospital 021 484-3-484

  Clinic of cardiology Sremska Kamenica 021/ 4805-100

  Bus station 021/ 444-021, 444-022

  Railway station 021/443-200

  Public city transportation- information 021/527-399


  Public phones

  Halo cards can be bought at post offices and newsstands.


  Public toilets are at these locations:

  By the City Hall ( Kralja Aleksandra Street), at Dunavski park and at SPENS





Where to stay


All information on accommodations can be found on the website of the Tourist Organization of Novi Sad.



Or visit the website Booking.com (206 properties found).


Novi Sad Today


   Judging by archaeological findings, Novi Sad has been a good place for living for five thousand years already. The development of a modern city is connected with Petrovaradin Fortress, one of the most important preserved fortifications in Europe. It is the symbol of the city and evidence to a turbulent history and tradition that strongly leans onto European culture. Novi Sad is currently a cultural, economic, political and administrative centre of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, a modern university city that has grown on the tradition of continuity of cultural development. It is the city of museums, galleries, and events such as EXIT Music Festival that has been awarded international rewards and that has acquired international recognisability. More...




How to get to

   Thanks to its excellent position on the Danube River and the crossroad of main roads, Novi Sad is linked to surrounding places and towns in a very good manner. It is situated alongside the main highway E-75, and the highway E-70 is about 70 kilometres (43miles) away in the south, towards Belgrade. Border crossings with Hungary are: Bački Breg (120 km i.e.75 miles), Kelebija (120 km i.e. 75 miles) and Horgoš (118 km i.e. 73 miles distant)Border crossings with Croatia are: Bezdan (112 km = 69 miles), Batrovci (90 km = 55 miles) and Bačka Palanka (40 km = 24 miles distant). Border crossings with Romania are: Srpska Crnja (101km = 62 miles), Vatin (129 km = 80 miles) and Kaludjerovo via Belgrade (199km =123miles distant). Border crossing with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sremska Rača is 88 kilometres (54 miles) far away from Novi Sad. More...

Public transport

Belgrade Airport




Visa Information


General entry requirements for Serbia


1. Valid passport/travel document;

2. Valid visa in the passport, if a Serbian visa is required for passport holders of the respective country;

3. Proof of sufficient funds for staying in Serbia. Sufficient funds are considered to be 50 Euros per day of stay,
   proved by possession of the appropriate amount of cash, bank statement, traveller's cheques, credit cards or a
    letter of guarantee;

4. Certificate of vaccination or a note that he/she has not contracted a contagious disease despite coming from an
    area affected by a pandemic, as defined by the information of the Ministry of Health.

5. If underage children are travelling with one of their parents, it is necessary to submit a relevant certified
   authorization by the other parent; or if the child is travelling with a third person such authorization is required from
    both parents or guardian;

6. It is recommended to have a health insurance for the period of stay in Serbia, covering possible medical costs to
    the amount of not less than 20,000 Euros.


Before travelling to the Republic of Serbia, please check here whether you need a visa.


Visa applications should be submitted to the Embassy or Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia abroad

General visa requirements

For Invitation letter, please contact secretariat Ee 2017 (dee@uns.ac.rs)



Tourist Info Centres


The main purpose of our Info Centres is to deliver all the information related to the City of Novi Sad and its surroundings to tourists and to our fellow citizens.

Tourist Organisation of the City of Novi Sad disposes with two Info Centres. The first Info Centre is located in Jevrejska Street, on the way to the main bus and railway stations. It was moved from the old site, from Modena Street, in August 2013. This Info Centre has kept its multimedia function for promotion of events and it is available to all those who want to promote tourist, cultural, and economic events in Novi Sad.

The second Info Centre is located on the way to Petrovaradin Fortress, Belgrade Quay, and the Danube. In addition to the main operations this Info centre enables conducting of professional practice and work with students from the Department for Geography, Tourism and Hotel Industry. The employees of the Info Centre keep records on the number of tourists who come to Novi Sad and countries they come from. When it comes to domicile population, their attention is drawn to the current events in the city (cinemas, museums, galleries, etc.).


Tourist Attractions




   PETROVARADIN FORTRESS – sometimes called "Gibraltar on the Danube" had been built between 1659 and 1780. It takes 112 acres.. Read More


Fruška Gora


   As far as the citizens of Vojvodina are concerned, Fruška Gora is a mountain despite the fact that its highest peak, Crveni Čot, is only 539 meters high. This geologically very old mountain stretches along the south-east periphery of the Pannonian flatland in the length of 80 km. With its northern parts, Fruška Gora descends mildly towards the Danube. Petrovaradin Fortress is its most northern point, the most southern one is located between Mandjelos and Bešenovo, Slankamen is the most eastern point and the most western one is at Bapska (in the Republic of Croatia). Read More




Serbian Orthodox monasteries Krušedol, Grgeteg, Staro and Novo Hopovo, Vrdnik, Jazak, Velika Remeta, Mala Remeta, Beočin, Rakovac, Djipša, Privina Glava, Kuveždin, Petkovica, Bešenovo, and Šišatovac….




National Park “Fruška Gora“ was established in 1960 and it was the oldest one in the Socialist Yugoslavia. At the surface of around 25,000 hectares covered by the National Park “Fruška Gora“ there are protected unique landscapes, valuable geological and geo-morphological units.




The purpose of the map isto answer some of tourist’smost frequently asked questions: what to see and visit near Novi Sad , where are the closest monasteries , where bike trail Euro Velo 6 goes, in which Fruska Gora lakes they can swim , where are farms , traditional fish restaurants, wineries, where are the cultural goods of exceptional, and where of great importance; where are the hunting areas, picnic areas, lookout points, nature reserves, mountain lodges, camps, resorts and hotels.


*All texts and images are downloaded from the website Tourist Organisation of the City of Novi Sad